Saturday, August 6, 2011

Goetta Fest 2011-Newport, KY

Note: Proctor and Gamble World Headquarters can be seen in the top right corner of this picture.

According to Wikipedia, "Goetta is a breakfast sausage of German origin that is popular in the greater Cincinnati area. It is primarily composed of ground meat and oats. Pronounced gétt-aa, ged-da or get-uh Americanized pronunciation, this dish originated with German settlers from the northwestern regions of Oldenburg, Hannover, and Westphalia who emigrated to the Cincinnati area in the 19th century. The word "Goetta" comes from the Low German word götte."

Amish selling their kettle corn.  Hey! No electric fans allowed!
Goetta Ring Toss.  Notice it says "Proceeds go to (painted over) individuals and families."  They really go to that dude sitting there.

I felt the glass and it was not cold indicating that raw meat might be in the food temperature danger zone.  Notify the local health department at once.